Author’s Note: All my nights were filled with deep sleep and nightmares the week prior to this  dream. During that week, I was told of three separate youthful tragedies: two deaths and  paralysis of the waist down. The main players in these calamities were of people I knew. Some I  met and some I didn’t but all their new states drastically impacted close friends of mine. This  dream came soon after.  

Music: Please play Any Other Name by Thomas Newman when reading. 

Out to Lake  

By: Luzzo  

Inspired by: A Lake of Jelly 

Dreaming is a popular hobby of mine this week but I’m not too sure if nightmares  count as dreams.  


The dreams I have for my real future do look nothing like my nightmares. Anyway, it’s not debate that this was a dream; I wasn’t alone when I was out to  lake. 


Jelly and I together and  

The task was simple: 

We were trying to get.  


Not sure where to but we were trying in a marshy place that looked nothing like  but what I recalled to be Michigan.  


My uncle’s lake house was never in sight but we were in a boat like his.  A speed boat. 

It was too grey and light couldn’t travel far so we never found out if the boat lived  up to its type.  


We were trying to get and thought we found the way: an entrance to a lake.  This was it!  

Traveling further than the light we went.  


Time went on: 


“What’s this?” We (but probably just I) thought. Then it’s clear.  It was a place we were not trying to get and we traveled far too long. A city is what  we saw. 

And We traveled far too long. 


Then turning around, we let the boat live up to its name.  

I dreamed I was out to Lake.

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