there are often certain standards an artist must conform to in order to be recognized. these boundaries tend to evoke a response; to ignore it, to conform, to write it off—at the very least, to acknowledge its existence. the pressure may force you—the artist—to focus on one subsect of creating in order to “succeed” (whatever that may mean to you) in your field. this may cause you to forego creation for creations sake, and instead, continue with what you already have ties to, can improve on, or have a history of success with. 

cabaret is a contributor’s journal working to build a community for people who consume and create art. we accept any media a contributor has put their heart into. this includes but is not limited to: poems, short stories, photography, drawings, paintings, journal entries, essays, articles, thoughts, excerpts, coloring book pages, etc. 

cabaret fosters growth, encourages experimentation in mediums, and allows for the freedom to follow creative paths in directions one may not expect. this helps not only with the expansion of one’s skills and mind, but furthermore creates a safe environment for challenges and prevents stagnancy. 

these pieces do not fit perfectly into any theme. they fit cabaret because our volumes represent our artists and the work they decide to put forward. 

we hope it moves you.

“I speak only of myself since I do not wish to convince, I have no right to drag others into my river, I oblige no one to follow me and everybody practices [their] art in [their] own way.” 

– Tristan Tzara “Dada Manifesto 1918”